Session IV: The Bible & the Prayer Book

Greetings on our Lenten journey through The Book of Common Prayer.  

Session 4 is our final instructional week.  Session 5 will be a review through the use of “board games.”  I hope it will be a fun exercise for those who are taking the class in person and for those who are taking or reviewing it online! Look for these to be posted next week.

In Session 4 we are reminded of what we have already discovered out the Prayer Book, and we spend our considering our Anglican & Episcopal Identity, looking at The Psalter, and becoming acquainted with the resources “in the back” of The Book of Common Prayer: Historical Documents, The Catechism, and the Table for finding Easter and other Holy Days.

As always, I hope that you are making this exploration of the Prayer Book in conjunction with establishing a personal spiritual discipline of daily Bible reading and prayer.  The Bishop’s Challenge 2014 is a good vehicle for this.  Resources for the Bishop’s Challenge are available under the tab “Overview of Lenten Class 2014.”

You are invited to use either a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file presentation for Session 4 of this introduction to The Book of   Common Prayer as a “spiritual treasure chest” for corporate as well as private prayer and devotions in your own context.

I pray that you experience a fruitful and holy season of Lent,


Click below to download and open the material for Session IV: 

Session 4. Bishop’s Challenge 2014 (PowerPoint Presentation)

Session 4. Bishop’s Challenge 2014 (PDF file)

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