Session III: The Bible & The Prayer Book

Lenten Blessings!  Now that we have spent time understanding the history and development of the Book of Common Prayer, and received a general overview of “where to find things” in the Prayer Book it is time to begin to really explore the Prayer Book and see how it can be useful in our weekday lives and responsive to various life circumstances.

Session 3 accomplishes just that!  As we consider the Book of Common Prayer as a resource for personal worship and devotional life, we also dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of using The Prayer Book.  We look at and understand the Sunday Lectionary and the Weekday Lectionary (e.g., The Daily Office) and the ways that this rich resource can be used in personal, communal, and corporate prayer life.

Session 3 ended in small groups who worked together to establish “mini-liturgies” for individuals, small groups, and opportunities for prayer support in particular life circumstances.

You are invited to use either a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file presentation for Session 3 of this introduction to The Book of   Common Prayer as a “spiritual treasure chest” for corporate as well as private prayer and devotions in your own context.

May the Blessings of God abide with you during this season of Lent,


Click below to download and open the material for Session III: 

Session 3. Bishop’s Challenge 2014 (PowerPoint Presentation)

Session 3. Bishop’s Challenge 2014 (PDF file)

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