Regional Confirmation: Sierra Deanery

Regional Confirmation

Click here for flyer:  Retreat Day Information. 10.18.2014

Dear Friends in the Sierra Deanery:

Bishop Beisner has asked all deaneries in the diocese to consider the benefits of regional confirmations. His intention is not to supplant the festive occasion of Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmations taking place within the  home congregation, but is rather an opportunity for a different focus to his Episcopal Visits.  Congregational Visitations that allow the recognition and celebration of the larger mission and ministry of each unique congregation.

Bishop Beisner invites us first to imagine what might be lifted up and blessed during an Episcopal Visitation that involves the spiritual work and life of the congregation as a whole.  He also invites, through regional confirmations, the persons standing for Confirmation, Reception, & Reaffirmation to see themselves as part of the larger unit of the whole Church.

How can you make the moment occasion special both at home and regionally?  The local congregation can offer a brief liturgy where candidates are blessed and prayed for during their time of preparation.  They can be included weekly in the Prayers of the People, and celebrated in their home church following their important commitment.

I have sent each congregation a packet of information and resources for Regional Confirmations in the Sierra Deanery but am posting materials here, as well. 

We have set a date for our first Regional Confirmation.  It is geared mainly for churches in the southern part of our deanery and will be hosted by St. Luke’s, Auburn on Sunday, October 19th in the evening.  I will also be leading a Retreat Day at my home on for participants and their sponsors on Saturday, October 18th.

The second Regional Confirmation Day will take place in the northern part of our deanery next Spring.  The date and host church has not yet been set.  This is an opportunity to connect the Sierra Deanery within itself and also to the larger diocese.  Please let me know of your interest.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                             Canon Mary

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