On the way to Glenstal Abbey

Which path should I take?

Which path should I take?

When my husband Paul and I were traveling in Ireland, we often found ourselves stopping passersby and asking for directions.  “Which way should we go to find… whatever?” we’d ask. People were kind and always willing to help. They often ended by saying, “You can’t miss it… it’s well-signposted!”

Following Jesus is like that.  There are many willing to help you find “the Way.”  No need to be anxious, or miss opportunities God provides during the journey.  There is time to tend the flowers and feed the birds, to have conversations, to ponder, read, listen, wonder, and ask questions.  In the end, the pathway to Jesus is well-signposted.

One thought on “On the way to Glenstal Abbey

  1. Thank you Mary for posting this and for being a signpost along the Way. You are a great blessing for those who are seeking to follow Christ.

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